Hello! This is the first post on this blog, which I would like to introduce myself so you can get to know me a little more and know a few things about me and my work.

I’m Pol, a guy who loves nature, sports and traveling. I take artistic images with my personal stamp, where I try to capture and transmit the sensations I perceive of nature. Ever since I have use of reason, I feel an immense bond with her. It presents itself inside me as an ideal place where I would always want to be. Nature for me, among many other things, is a continuous and inexhaustible source of inspiration. Its colors, its shapes, its climates, its smells, its fauna …

On my way there are forests, mountains, wild landscapes, cold climates, dramatic environments, sunrises and sunsets, night skies … Obsessed with finding the best light, I feel an extra fascination in these environments where I find a better opportunity to ‘express feelings. The images I make try to be a reflection of nature that I would like to see beautiful, pure, free and wild.

I like to capture and live the reality of the moment, but I feel photography as an art, and I like to take the artistic freedom to play with light and tones, creating different contrasts to enhance the emotions that are breathed in a scene. I seek to capture and convey the essence of natural beauty, my ideal of sublime, to spread a strong message about the importance of caring for our beautiful planet.

Well, now you know a little more about me, my work and the message that I like to convey with my photographs. In the next post I will present a bit of the content and ideas that I have in mind for this blog. If you have any or are curious about anything you want us to discuss, let me know!

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