About me

I'm Pol Solé, a young photographer and nature lover. I take artistic images with my personal stamp, where I try to transmit and capture the sensations that I perceive in nature

If I had to define what photography is for me, without a doubt I believe that it is to be able to immortalize those feelings and sensations in an infinite moment

I'm Pol, a great lover of nature, sports and travel. I live in the plain of Vic, specifically in Manlleu (Osona-Barcelona) and currently, I'm finishing my degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia in Girona, ERAM. With photography and video, I found the way to combine my true passions and since then day by day I love to transmit and express with images everything I feel in those special moments to make my vocation my way of life. I have a versatile profile, I take photographs and videos and I have done different audiovisual projects. My work can be classified in two main areas, the author's work and the commercial work.

Author's work: I take photographs and videos with my personal stamp, where I try to transmit and capture the sensations that I perceive in nature. My photos are available as FineArt quality prints in different printing materials. In addition, my photographs are published on social networks where they have been used by several pages, magazines and editorials reaching thousands of people around the world.

Commercial work: I make content for companies, small businesses and clients, as well as to cover some events. I make content for some of the most important stock agencies such as Adobe Stock and Shutter Stock among others, and I am a collaborator of Addictive Stock, a prestigious premium content stock distributor.

My specialties

  • Nature Photography & Videography
  • Night Photography
  • Timelapses
  • Adobe Lr & Adobe Ps
  • Social Networks


  • Do anything in nature.
  • Sport: Football, hiking, running...
  • Travel around the world.
  • Read good books
Imatge personal. Imatge portada del lloc web

Philosophy as a nature-loving photographer:

· Over any photography or activity, the preservation of the place and each one of the beings that inhabit it prevails.
and each of the beings that inhabit it.

· What I value most is not the photograph itself, nor the shot, but the experiences, message and situation behind it.
A beautiful photo, but empty, tells me nothing.

· I understand photography as an art, and as such, I take photographs of an artistic nature. In post-processing, I take the creative freedom to modify the light, to create different contrasts, as well as to enhance certain color tones to enhance the emotions that were breathed in that scene.
I only remove blemishes and/or small annoying objects that are not part of the natural environment. I never add anything to my images that was not present in the scene.